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09/11/2019 - 19h30

SALLE ENDEAVOUR - Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort

Tahiti - Polynésie Française

For the first time in Tahiti, Angela R. productions offers the Polynesian public the opportunity to discover the impressive mentalist, Fabien Olicard, on Saturday, November 9 - Endeavor Room at Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort

Magician and Professional Mentalist, 1st Prize in France and 4th Prize in Europe.

His interactive show is performed in the largest venues in France, theaters and Parisian cabarets. It will also be in Nouméa and Tahiti in November 2019. It is a quality Close-Up not to be missed.

Fabien Olicard is “Un gifted in mentalism” // BFM TV. Curious about everything, Fabien has always liked to understand things, ideas and people. Endowed with an astonishing memory, it was at the age of 8 that he discovered magic. which will quickly lead him to psychology and mentalism.

This exceptional mentalist will leave the Tahitian public speechless.

Captivating, pedagogue, lively and funny, he likes to convey his passion with humor.

The human brain fascinates him and he has made it his profession. Fabien Olicard is capable of revealing to you, with humor, the potential of your brain ... and it is breathtaking!


As rational as he is funny, Fabien Olicard will amaze you with your potential!

In this third show, Fabien makes your singularity resonate with his in an explosion of astonishment and laughter.


2017: Mandrake d'Or 2017 - Paris Première - program "The Greatest Magicians in the World"

2016: Jury for the French Magic Championships (Paris Première)

2015-2016: Elected Magic Show of the Year by the F.F.A.P

2014: 1st Prize at the festival "The Stars of Magic and the Stars of the Circus"

2014: 4th in the Competition of the European Order of Mentalists - 1st in the French ranking

2013: Jury Prize of the "La Machine à Rire" festival

2012: Mandrake d'Or 2012 - Paris Première - program "The Greatest Magicians in the World"

2012: IDTGV Prize - Talents Train - National Grand Final of the Palais des Glaces

2012: Audience Award at the Parisian final of the Train des Talents

2012: Jury Prize at the Parisian final of the Train des Talents



2018: Speaker in the show "Mentalistes dans la tête des stars" in prime time on TF1

2017: Speaker and speaker at "Neuroplanète 2017" in Nice

2017: Release of the book "Your Brain Est Extraordinaire" by Editions First (more than 80,000 copies sold)

2017: Release of the game "Menteur-Menteur" by Editions Larousse (more than 10,000 copies sold)

2017: Tour of the show "Mental Roadage" for 100 performances in 6 months

2016: Creation of its YouTube channel followed in one year by 245,000 subscribers (723,000 to date)

2016: Tour of the show "Fabien Olicard Vous Mentalise"

2015: Le Grand Point-Virgule Theater (Paris)

2015: First acts by Jeff Panacloc at the launch of his Zéniths tour

2015: Olympia de Paris for "Le Point-Virgule fait l'Olympia"

2015: Tour of "Fabien Olicard Vous Mentalise"

2014: Theater at L'Arrache (Festival Off d'Avignon)

2014 to 2015: Le Point-Virgule Theater (Paris)

2014: Tour of the show "Mots de tête"

2013: Theater at L'Arrache (Festival Off d'Avignon)

2012 to 2013: The Royale Factory of Versailles (Versailles)

2011 to 2013: The Comedy of the 3 terminals of Paris (Paris)




 Carinette97 - Excellent! 10/10

I just love it! Lively, funny and above all stunning!


 TTanja- Excellent! 10/10

When humor and intelligence mix it gives a real singularity. Well done!


 Satell - Awesome! 10/10

A great time, even better than I could have imagined! I will stay there again without hesitation!


 Sister of Night - What a talent! 9/10